Start Your Engines

We’re half way through 2007 and I bet many you think ‘Wow’ time is flying by and I feel like I’m going no where fast. If that comment applies to your career then let’s do something about it.

I’m Robin Ogden with FiredUP Careers and I’m thrilled to be the career search blogging expert for ContentQuake! I’ll be blogging a lot here and I’ve got a lot to say about career search and careers in general, so be sure to add this link to your favorites.

I’ve spent over 20 years in Human Resources in the high tech industry in Silicon Valley. My real love has always been “startups”. Mostly because I love fast paced environments, minimal red tape, along with the teaming and passion that surrounds and energizes the startup environment. Although they certainly can have their downsides, (which usually has to do with the next round of financing – if they get it…) startups are teaming with entrepreneurial spirit and the chance at ‘grabbing the golden ring’ – which many have (hello Google!).

Although my focus has always been diversified within HR organizations, both in developing and running them; I have spent many years in the area of recruitment, which means I’ve reviewed about a billion (or at least it feels like it) resumes and have interviewed thousands of individuals over the years. I’ve spent the past few years having fun working with people in career transition, individual coaching and delivering training programs in career development. I am also a Career Clarity certified career coach.

About a year ago I started FiredUP Careers with my business partner, Chris Fogarty who is an expert in the career development field. Our mission is that everyone deserves to ‘dig what they do’ and that includes you.

I’m looking forward to helping you with your career search, career questions, career transition and career fulfillment, in order for you to find meaningful work that you love without compromising your life!

Don’t hesitate to send me questions or provide helpful comments and informative resources. As Henry Ford once said “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”.

So, let’s get moving…