New Grads — You can WIN!

I read so many articles that try to scare New Grads to death about their coming of age’ into the real world. Sometimes I think these articles are written more for the parents than the New Grads. They are like finger-pointing, “I told you so” type articles about the financial burdens that New Grads are about to take on in the real world.

I would like to propose that New Grads are savvier than we elders’ may think. Many New Grads don’t have the golden-spoon feeding them throughout their college experience. Many are footing the bill for college (or a majority of it) and are working part time as well as studying. I can name a handful right off the bat. Hats off to them! And those that do have the luxury of fully paid tuition and parental financial support are certainly not coming out of college as neophytes to the financial world. After all, they too have parents too and you can’t tell me they haven’t been preaching the woes of bill paying, saving and investing for years.

I really don’t believe that these kids are skipping through college thinking that they their upcoming employer paychecks won’t have taxes taken out, or that their auto insurance rates will be sky high (after all, they were in high school — right?)

So, let’s stop scaring these New Grads who are the next generation of business, technology, educators and family heirlooms. Let’s give them the tools they need to make it BIG in this world. To really achieve success in their career and not turn them into poor-me victims’ who think their bills are too high! Let’s turn into educators instead of finger-pointers. Sure they will be starting closer to the bottom of the career ladder and need to work their way up and prove their value — let’s educate them around how to achieve that. Yes, they will need to plan their finances (don’t we all?) — let’s educate them on how to plan, instead of scaring them with spooky financial death stories. And, they certainly will have some bumps in their path to success — it’s just part of life.

So, if you’re a New Grad — what are the questions you have that would help you better prepare for work/life balance?

If you’re a parent — what do you believe is the most important information you would like your New Grad to be aware of when they step into the world of employment?

Let’s share a conversation here so we can get some good/needed information and tools up on this blog that will truly help New Grads make it BIG! That way when we say I told you so’ it’s because we already know they are winners.