New Grad — It’s your LUCKY year!

I just read an article in the CS Monitor titled Job Prospects Good for College Grads in the US, written by Tom A. Peter. It points out that college grads are in demand.

Hiring is picking up and job search should be short lived. Now that’s good news! Why is it happening? According to the article companies are fast preparing for the departure (retirement) of the Boomers. This is paving the way for New Grads to successfully land their dream job. But, what about the New Grads that are feeling green’ bound and want to march to the tune of social responsibility? What will it be like for them to find a position? In the article Tom points out for us:

“Additionally, companies may start appealing to this group of grads’ sense of social responsibility. “An important element of attracting and retaining talent is creating a workplace and a work culture that stands for something, that is engaged in the community,” says John Challenger president of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, an outplacement firm in Chicago. Among other things, he imagines companies will draw attention to their environmentally friendly polices to lure green-minded grads.”

This brings to mind a wonderful resource recently developed and published by Carol McClelland PhD called the Green Job Search Guide. The Green Job Search Guide includes:

  • 30 job boards and 86 recruiters focusing specifically on positions within environmental/sustainable companies.
  • A comprehensive chart outlining the offerings of each job board.
  • A one page review of each job board that provides 18 key pieces of information including the number of job listings, the geographic range, and the available job categories.
  • Overview of the unique features of each job board.

Posted by Robin Ogden – FiredUP Careers