Jobfox – A Date or An Offer?

Just when you think there couldn’t possibly be another idea around job search’ we have a new resource tool.  JobFox is the brainchild of Rob McGovern, the founder and former Chairman and CEO of  According to McGovern, they’ve built a new job search engine that is smart as a fox’.  Described as the eHarmony of job search, JobFox is a tool that “helps candidates showcase their unique skills and experiences so that employers will pursue candidates who are a great fit for their company and jobs.”  So, the model is reversed — rather than you searching for a job, the employer searches for you.  Although I like the thought of it — how many of you have done online dating?  Not exactly easy is it? (Grin!!)

 FiredUP Careers and Jobfox have a similar philosophy — that the secret to happiness in your career is based on fit’.  At FiredUP Careers we call this process MatchMiningâ„¢ at Jobfox they refer to their process as The Job Fit Compatablity system.  Either way, the secret to career fulfillment still gyrates around a good fit. Check out Jobfox and look into their process.  It may be a good fit’ for you and your job search.   

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