Hello New College Grads!!

Good news from the job market…

According to the Job Outlook 2007  report, produced by the National Association of Colleges and Employers – NACE, new college grads will see increased hiring in 2007.  NACE reports that employers state communication, honesty/integrity are key candidate skills/qualities.

Increased hiring is always great news and as part of this hiring mania new grads will need to be ready to tackle their job interviews.  Good grades (NACE reports employers want 3.0 or better) and a targeted resume will be the knock-on-the-door’, but the real test will be what they say and how they express their value to the employer in the interview.  After all, thousands will be graduating and hitting the job market, so even though hiring is upbeat, there is still plenty of competition.

How can New Grad’s deliver a winning interview?  There are several steps you can take up front to beat the competition.  Of course your resume will need to be in top shape, that’s obvious so I won’t go into that in this post.  Another important area to develop is your personal pitch (or 30 second commercial as it is sometimes referred).  This is a quick, focused way to answer that dreaded lead in question “So, tell me about yourself?”.

Here are 5 key elements you will want to include in your personal pitch:

*  First, you need a powerful opening statement that tells the interviewer who you are and why you are interested in the career you are seeking.

*  Next, focus on the context’ of your projects and any work you may have performed that relates to the employer’s needs.

*  Next, mention some of your key strengths.

*  Next, describe one of those key strengths in action.

*  Finally, end with a professional connection question.

Remember; keep it short (shoot for 30 seconds) and concise.  To find out more about how you can prepare a successful personal pitch’ and deliver a winning interview visit us at FiredUP Careers.

Posted by Robin Ogden – FiredUP Careers