Tough Interview Questions

Take this quick quiz and see how well you can answer some common job interview questions that can be difficult to answer if you’re not well prepared.  The test was developed by Sue Campbell at  Check it out and see how well you do. (Ah…come on, you know you want to!  Even if we already have a job, we still like to know how we might fare on an interview – right?)

I’ll just add that I agree it is great to bone up on questions that may be asked during your interview. But more importantly prior to this stage you will need to really do your work on why you match up with the organization. At FiredUP Careers we call this process MatchMiningâ„¢, which is a three part process designed to give you the ability to clarify and articulate your value, assess what you can bring to the employer and assess what you need from the employer.

Truly knowing what you offer, what your strengths are and how you can apply them with the organization, as well as what your weaknesses are and how you can handle the gaps in experience will really be the foundation that gets you results in the interview.  Plus, it sure beats trying to memorize every question ‘you think’ the employer might ask you – a nearly impossible feat, not to mention extremely obvious to the interviewer (along with the plastered on smile – you don’t do that, right?).

By all means don’t skip the step of boning up on possible interview questions, but be sure your answers have a solid foundation, which you’ve developed through your MatchMiningâ„¢ process.  To learn more about how to get FiredUP about your interview and hone the process of MatchMiningâ„¢ visit us at FiredUP Careers.

Posted by Robin Ogden – FiredUP Careers