Jerk Free Jobs

I’m always discovering fun new sites.  This one is another great idea.  If you want to be sure you’re job search steers you away from jerk bosses’ then you need to check out Jerk Free Jobs.   

It’s great — you can do a search to check out whether your new manager is listed as a jerk.  Or apply for one of the positions listed on their job board with companies who have been certified’ as jerk-free. 

And guess what — you can help other people out too.  There is a section where you can enter and rate your boss. Hey — it’s only fair.  If the employers can go after us (referencing, online search, etc.) then we should be able to have a few places we can go to ensure we aren’t signing up to work for a jerk’. 

Posted by Robin Ogden — FiredUP Careers

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