The Brazen Careerist: The best reality show out there

If you look at the blogroll for this site, you’ll see Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist listed at the top. If you don’t want to move your cursor all the way to your right, just click here and you’ll get there.

Trunk’s blog has a lot of good career advice. It should: Trunk is a columnist for the Boston Globe and has written her own career book. Trunk is also a witty and engaging writer.

But, and I hate to admit this, what really brings me back to her blog so many times are the frequent posts about her personal life. It’s like a soap opera, or a really well-written reality TV show. Trunk has taken her readers through her days of marriage counseling, her resulting divorce, her romance with a stoic farmer and the subsequent breakup of that relationship. She’s detailed the highs and lows of her sex life. Sometimes she ties it all in to career advice. Sometimes, she doesn’t.

To see what I mean, check out this post. It’s about Trunk’s marriage counseling with her husband. It’s old, from 2007, but it’s an engrossing read. Then there’s this post, not as old, about Trunk’s divorce. I guarantee that if you read these two posts, you’ll stay for more. And, if you’re lucky, you just might learn a thing or two about boosting your career.