The unemployment lines are getting longer everywhere

You can do a simple Google News search on “employment” to quickly ruin your day. I did it this morning, and one of the first links that popped up was this one, reporting that unemployment in Oregon has gotten bad enough that the state’s employment department recently had to hire more people to handle unemployment claims.

The department added 43 people to handle the quickly growing amount of jobless claims. In even more depressing news, that addition isn’t enough; The department plans to add 20 more people by the end of this week.

This happy little story ran on the Web site of The World, a newspaper serving Coos Bay, Oregon, on Thanksgiving morning. Happy Thanksgiving!

Unfortunately, I think we’re all going to have to get used to these kinds of headlines. Unemployment isn’t going down anytime soon. Many workforce analysts actually expect 2009 to be even worse than 2008 has been.

Keep your resume’ current, always keep an eye out for new job opportunities, keep networking and don’t get complacent. In today’s economy, the “stable, steady” job is becoming a rarity.