Entering the unproductive season?

Thanksgiving is behind us. That means we are in the full grip of the holiday season. For some this is the merriest time of the year. For others? Well, there are a lot of Scrooges out there.

But what about in the workplace? Does work suffer during the holidays? After all, the holiday season is filled with days off. There are holiday parties. Christmas music on cubicle radios. Online shopping. Today is CyberMonday, when everyone’s supposed to click away a few dollars on holiday doodads.

Surprisingly enough, there have been studies in the past that suggest that workers aren’t really any less productive during the holidays. But, just in case you’re managing an office and feel that your workers are too busy ho-ho-hoing instead of type, type typing those business reports, visit this Web site  for some tips on maintaining productivity during the holiday season.

I won’t list the tips. They’re pretty self-explanatory. But I will say this: The holidays should be a time for productivity to dip. We work hard in the United States, taking less vacation time than do workers in European countries. It’s no crime to let down just a bit during one month of the year. Don’t be too hard on your employees if you catch them doing a little online shopping. Who knows, they may even be buying a gift for you.