Job-hunting blog an interesting read

Remember life before the Internet? Me neither. Today, though, you can jump on the Internet whenever you’re feeling glum about your own life and find someone’s life that is in far worse shape.

Or, if you’re out of work, looking for a new job or just not satisfied with your own career, you can always search the Internet for tales from other folks whose careers are giving them massive headaches, too.

A good place to start if you’re into the “misery loves company” thing is the Career and Job-Hunting Blog run by The blog itself is quite informative, filled with, as its name suggests, job-hunting tips, statistics on the labor market and recent hiring trends.

It’s these last two parts, the statistics and the hiring trends, that fits in the “misery loves company” angle. For instance, by logging onto the blog you’ll find that the number of U.S. residents filing claims for unemployment insurance has just surged to its highest levels since 2001. There’s the by now old news that 1.2 million U.S. jobs had been lost as of November of this year.

And this is just the beginning. I know we’re in an “official” recession now, but I sure didn’t, and I’m sure you didn’t, either, need any officials telling me that the job market’s been in the toilet. We just needed to look at our bills, our paychecks and our 401(k) plans — not to mention the blogs out there — to know that.