Don’t rely on TV news for career help

Everyone wants to help job hunters find their ideal new position. At least it seems that way.

Problem is, most of the help being sent towad job seekers isn’t too useful. At least not when it’s coming from the TV media.

Newspapers are different. They can devote a lot of space to providing career information to their readers. But TV news? It’s short-attention span time with them, even on their Web sites.

Here’s an example: The Web site of WRBL News 3 has this short story on what you should do if you need to switch careers. The story includes a link to a pretty good site, Career Voyages, a site that I highlighted recently on this blog. That’s fine. What isn’t fine, though, are the first few statements by the author, Jennifer Serda. She recommends that job hunters first do a self-assessment of themselves, and presents links to two online sites that will perform this assessment for free.

I’m sorry, but this whole self-assessment thing sounds like corporate, human-resources speak to me. And I don’t think there’s a Web site out there that can really tell you what you want in a career. Is knowing that you’re a person who thrives on organization really going to help you determine your next career? Does having an online self-assessment test tell you that you’re creative going to do anything to help you find your next job?

No. You know who you are already, you don’t need to take a self-assessment test to find out. You also know the career you want. It’s up to you to go get it and not waste time assessing your self.