Does misery love company? Not when it comes to job losses

I hate hearing from my neighbors or friends about their job struggles.

As a freelance writer, I’m struggling to meet my monthly financial goals. My print-magazine clients are all going out of business or cutting back on their budget for freelance writers. The online sources I’ve replaced them with pay far, far less.

This means I’m working longer hours for less money. I’m taking on more assignments than ever, but making less money than I’ve made in three years. And, yes, it does tick me off.

I know some people subscribe to the old “misery loves company” theory. It goes like this: I’m struggling right now. I’m out of work. It sure makes me feel a bit less cruddy that my neighbor down the street just had his hours cut in half.

For me, though, it doesn’t work. Hearing about other’s job misfortunes just makes me more antsy. It’s tough to make it out there these days. Every time someone else gets fired or has his or her working hours shaved, it’s just one more reminder that this recession isn’t nearly over yet.