Mandatory corporate workshops: Aren’t we all stressed for time?

This week, the publishing company where I work is forcing employees to attend a mandatory hour-and-a-half sexual-harrassment workshop. And here I thought we were actually busy here thanks to all the layoffs we’ve suffered.

Sexual harrassment is a big issue, and a huge problem. But, I’m not sure that forcing employees to attend a 90-minute workshop is going to change anyone’s behavior. The solution to sexual harrassment in the workplace seems obvious to me: If someone’s guilty of sexual harassment, fire that person. Problem solved.

Now, I know that nothing’s really that easy. It just seems that in today’s tough work environment, when employees are doing the work of several of their laid-off colleagues, that mandatory workshops, even if they are only 90 minutes, are a big waste of everyone’s time.

Or maybe I just don’t want to sit through our workshop later this week.