The funniest work-related blog I’ve found

Don’t know if you heard of It’s a site filled with mostly lousy writers who regurgitate press releases once a day or so. For this work, these writers once received a penny for every visit to their particular Examiner site. Problem is, for most writers that came out to about 15 cents a day or so.

Now has changed the way it pays its writers. It’s hard to tell exactly what Examiners will be earning now, but it’s definitely less than a penny a page view. grew extremely quickly, adding new writers seemingly by the minute. The site now covers most of the United States, meaning you can read bad writing from California to Florida and most places in between. The reason the site was able to grow so quickly? I have my theory: the bad economy.

So many people are out of work, they figured that a penny-a-pageview is better than nothing. Some probably had hopes that they’d make a couple hundred dollars a month. isn’t a scam, but its owners sure are cheap.

However, there is one bright spot in the world, and that’s Dudley B. Dawson. He’s known as the Life in the Cubicle Examiner. Unlike most Examiners, he has a sense of humor that shows through in his writing. He loves to skewer the idiocy of office life. He’s especiallly good at mocking the human-resource/marketing types out there.

Perhaps the funniest part of Dudley’s site are the comments. Invariably, some aggrieved PR person, human-resources professional or middle manager will write in defending his or her profession. They always sound rather lame.

So check out Dudley’s site if you need a laugh about the dismal world of work these days. It may be gallows humor, but at least it’s humor, right?