More going the self-employed route, just not by choice

Remember when working for yourself was a choice that savvy entrepreneurs made? These days, it’s more of a choice that’s been forced upon people.

A growing number of people who’ve lost their jobs haven’t been able to find new employment. So they’ve started their own businesses.

A recent story in Computerworld highlights the trend of entrepreneurs being formed not out of choice, but out of necessity.

Many people have dreamed of telling their boss to get bent and then going out to form their own successful small business. Problem is, doing this is really difficult. Well, not the telling your boss to get bent part. That’s easy. Starting your own business, though, that’s a real challenge.

It’ll be interesting to see how many of these new self-employed workers remain self-employed once the economy finally turns around and companies begin hiring again. Knowing how much work it takes to run a business, I have the feeling that many of these self-employed entrepreneurs will be happy to go back to work for a company once they get that chance.