Obama hopes to revive spirits in suffering Indiana community

You think unemployment is high where you live? The odds are good that it’s even worse in Elkhart, Ind.

That’s because the unemployment rate in this Indiana community is nearing 17 percent. That’s a rather frightening figure.

Pres. Barack Obama stopped at Elkhart yesterday to give a speech about the economy and his hopes that things are turning around. He took the bold step of tying his own fate into the fate of this Midwest community, saying that he expects to look back at the end of his first term in office to see that Elkhart has come back from the brink, according to a story reported by ABC News.

It’s a pretty risky move. You can bet Obama’s political opponents will be happy to throw this prediction back in the president’s face in 2012 should the unemployment rate in Elkhart – or the rest of the country — still be sky-high.

Personally, I think it’s a nice gesture by Obama. It’s nice to have a president who actually seems like he gives a damn about folks who aren’t wealthy. Will Obama’s policies work? Will they reduce unemployment and get the U.S. economy back on track? Who knows? But at least Obama’s trying. It didn’t seem like our last president even did that much.