Better get used to those high unemployment rates

Tired of seeing unemployment linger near 10 percent? Well, you better get used to it. According to a growing number of economists, the country won’t see normal unemployment levels again until sometime around 2014.

According to an Associated Press story, many economists think it won’t be until then that we’ll see unemployment drop back to levels of about 5 percent. Yes, that means it’s going to be awfully tough to find a job for the next five years or so.

This is more than just a bit depressing. It makes me think, though, that we’ll see a growing number of people begin their own businesses. If you can’t find a job working for someone else, why not start your own business? Sure, the odds are good that it will eventually fail. But the odds aren’t so great that you’ll keep a job when you’re working for someone else, either, unfortunately.