Career suck? Why not take a travel break?

Do you enjoy yourself at work? Do you feel mentally challenged? Do you wake up at 5 a.m. each day eager to jump on the train and get to work?

No? Join the crowd.

And if you really want to be adventurous about it, take a break from the working world, a long one.

I know this isn’t the best time to quit your job. There might not be a replacement one out there for you when you’re ready to return to work. Or, even worse, when your bank account tells you it’s time.

But a friend of mine is committed to taking a break. He’s sick of his job. He wakes up ill, he says, at the thought of spending another day in his cubicle at the financial-services job at which he works. His boss doesn’t wash his hands after going to the bathroom, my friend tells me. You know you’ve been at a job too long when you notice annoying habits such as this.

So he’s taking a break to travel to Ireland with his wife. And when he returns? Then he’ll look for a new job. Yes, he quit his current job yesterday.

Of course, my friend is in a good situation. He and his wife don’t have kids. They bought their current home before the housing boom, so they have a low mortgage, most of which they’ve already paid off. And his wife not only actually likes her job, she also likes the size of the paycheck that comes with it. They can handle having my friend out of work for a while.

In fact, they can probably handle that better than they can handle him being miserable each day at work.

I always preach about how our life should not be only about work. My friend, though, isn’t just preaching about this, he’s living it. I wish him luck.