Jerk Free Jobs

I’m always discovering fun new sites.  This one is another great idea.  If you want to be sure you’re job search steers you away from jerk bosses’ then you need to check out Jerk Free Jobs.   

It’s great — you can do a search to check out whether your new manager is listed as a jerk.  Or apply for one of the positions listed on their job board with companies who have been certified’ as jerk-free. 

And guess what — you can help other people out too.  There is a section where you can enter and rate your boss. Hey — it’s only fair.  If the employers can go after us (referencing, online search, etc.) then we should be able to have a few places we can go to ensure we aren’t signing up to work for a jerk’. 

Posted by Robin Ogden — FiredUP Careers

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Job Interview Follow Up

Best practices around contacting the employer after an interview may vary, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of taking time to say thank you’. 

Let’s break the interview series up and talk a bit about how you can approach your prospective employer contacts after the interview(s).

1st Interview — After your first interview you should send a thank you message immediately.  The medium you use can vary, but some suggested formats are:         

a.)  Short letter — send a thank you letter to the hiring manager who interviewed you and also include a paragraph about why you believe the position is a good match for you.  Pick something you know is a hot spot’ for the manager that you know you can provide a solution to.  Also, send a separate letter to the human resources professional who interviewed you.  This needs to be an original; not a redundant cut-and-paste version of the letter to the hiring manager.  People like to be communicated with on an exclusive basis.  If the HR professional and hiring manager get together and discover you sent them the exact same letter it will put you in the cheesy’ pile.  Not necessarily a turn-down, but definitely not much extra effort merit. Continue Reading

Career Search Challenge

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “too many cooks spoil the batter”.  Well, I believe that too much thinking’ around job search can spoil the process, numbing your mind so that you’re no longer approaching the activity with the energy and creativity that it demands. 

So, I have a challenge for you — I want you to do something new.  Pick one thing that you do not know how to do and learn how to do it.  Get your mind off of job search for a portion of your day/evening and put your thoughts on something else.  It doesn’t have to be mind-boggling.  I don’t care if it’s ballroom dancing, archery, French cooking, golf, pottery, painting, or horse back riding — pick something…anything that is new’ for you. 

So, what can this do to help with your career search?  Plenty… Continue Reading

Monster Invasion

Over 1.6 million personal’ records stolen from!

It’s a worry that we all have…perhaps maybe one day someone will be able to hack into a very secure database system in which we have provided very sensitive personal information and steal it.  And it does happen more often than we want to hear.’s job board information theft is a prime example.  If you are listed on you will want to keep a close eye on any emails coming to you from them to ensure they are not fraudulent messages from thieves who want to get even more information from you. 

Stealing personal information is disgusting enough, but put the added ingredient that most people on are in search of gainful employment and that they are extremely vulnerable to messages coming in to them regarding employment opportunities; it’s a bit like someone needing food and offering them a dish of poison pasta!  Very creepy… Continue Reading

Jobs in Pods

Have you seen this site yet?  Very cool way for employers to post their job openings via podcast so that you can hear the specifics of the job and what it’s like to work for the company.  It’s got everything from Property Management to AT&T Technicians, Verizon Wireless Telesales, Human Resources and more.

Managers from the various companies are interviewed about their jobs and then the podcast is placed on the Jobs in Pods site.  Once you’ve listened, if you’re interested in the position there are instructions on how to go about applying. Continue Reading

Career Networking – The 80% Rule

Yes, it really is true — 80% of job seekers find their positions through networking.  We all know that networking is powerful, yet many of us neglect it not only on a daily basis, but also for months or even years.  Then we find ourselves in the midst of a career transition and feel as if we just don’t know anyone anymore.  As if we were caught up in a time tunnel and thrown out the other side with know one in site.  Ugh… an ugly feeling indeed. 

So, just how can you go about keeping your network humming? 

Get back in touch:  First off, if you’ve ignored your network for a while you will need to re-ignite it.  You don’t want to wait until you need’ something to start this process.  Believe me that’s a bad idea, so start now.  If you’re not a member of LinkedIn then signup — this is a great way to get things rolling again and you’ll be amazed at how many people will join your network.  If you’re already LinkedIn then send out a message to your network — subject:  Checking in after a long hiatus… (you get the idea here — let them know you recognize it’s been a while).  Continue Reading

To Do List Mania?

Is your to do’ list killing you? 

Need someone to help you with tasks that you’re buried up to your eyebrows in — that never ending, haunting to do’ list??  Or, perhaps you’re in between jobs, not sure what you want to do, or maybe just trying to get a variety of marketable skills?   A colleague sent this site over to me and I wanted to pass it on to you because it is just “neat”.  Check out — — I love their tagline “outsource your life”.  People can post any task/job they want to have done and then you can bid on the job. 

What I think is so cool about this is the way a new idea can just blossom.  According to an article on in the San Francisco Chronicle, one of the founders of the business said that it all came out of a joke.  Talking about how he would like to outsource finding a girlfriend’ along with someone to do the laundry, clean the garage, etc.  All of the sudden he thought “what a good idea” let’s do it.  Now that’s an entrepreneur!  Being the idea-person that I am I just get a charge when someone comes up with a fun, innovative idea and makes it happen.  It is just amazing what our brains can do if we don’t shut them down with our clever negative chatterbox.  Continue Reading

Career Gratitude

I was reminded today while visiting Erica Nelson’s website that gratitude is an important way to attract abundance into our life.  It dawned on me while reading through some of her material that we often make a list of things we are grateful for like our children, friends, homes, garden, pets, etc., but it isn’t very often that I’ve heard people say (or write down) that they are grateful for their careers.  Perhaps because often we feel or believe that our careers are just something we have to have’ in order to survive in life.  That may be true, after all without your career how could you be grateful for many of the material things in your life?   More than likely your salary is paying for many of the things you are grateful for.   

Erica has a specific journaling exercise on her site — basically making two lists; one is the list of current things you are grateful for and the other is a list of things you would like to bring into your life in the future.  Once you’ve prepared your list you read them and focus on them each day for several minutes.   

So, I’m thinkin’…UtOH! my sister would say 🙂  What if we broke our first list into something a bit more focused surrounding the things we are grateful for in our career and made our second list the things we would like to have happen in our career – specifically?  I’m not saying to get rid of all the other things you’re grateful for — leave them on your lists too.  But, instead of just writing down that you are grateful for your career’, perhaps you might write things like the following: 

I am grateful for my career (now let’s get more specific…)

I am grateful that I have an office

I am grateful for the insurance benefits my employer provides

I am grateful for the training programs provided to me

I am grateful to have a boss who is a terrific mentor

I am grateful to work with fun, smart people

I am grateful to learn something new each day at work

I am grateful for the promotional opportunities presented to me

I am grateful that I am a well-respected team member

 Then perhaps the second list (things you want from your career that you are supposed to write as if you already have — according to the Law of Attraction): 

I am grateful for my six-figure salary

I am grateful for my office with a view

I am grateful that my company paid for my Masters Degree

I am grateful that I manage my department

I am grateful that I my ideas are wanted and supported

I am grateful that I have a personal assistant

I am grateful that I am the CEO! 

Ok — I think you get the idea.  These are just examples and you may have more or less on your list.  My point is that if you can get more specific about what you want, then you will begin to think about ways to make it happen for you in your career.  For more instructions on creating your list visit Erica’s website.  

Posted by Robin Ogden — FiredUP Careers

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Video Resume Critique

Video resumes are becoming more and more popular among active, as well as passive, job seekers.  I believe that people who take the time to create a video resume truly do want to project the best of themselves to their viewers.  But, this can be difficult if you’re creating a do-it-yourself’ video, since we probably are not our own best critics when it comes to the video content.   

So, what can you do to ensure that your video resume stands out as both professional and dynamic?  I think the best way to provide you with some of that information is to critique one for you — you watch…I’ll critique. 

Located on Career TV is the example’ video resume of David Tall (click over and view – it’s not long –  then note below some of the ways I believe David’s video would better serve his purpose by making a few changes).  Continue Reading

Job Search Cover Letter

Take advantage of this powerful job search tool… 

My years of recruiting in the high tech industry have given me many opinions on resumes and cover letters.  Bottom line regarding a cover letter — always send a targeted cover letter with your resume. 

Why put in the extra effort you may ask?  First off, that’s one answer right there — extra effort.  Spending time to develop a targeted cover letter tells the employer you are interested in “them” specifically, which stands out far above those who spew their resume out to every employer on the planet, never mind putting zero attention into targeting the position they are seeking.  I can’t tell you how many hours of yawning I’ve spent looking at resumes that seem to be tossed at a job like a dart to a dartboard.   

Secondly, a well-crafted cover letter will allow you to quickly address the employer’s “pain” and tell them why you are their solution.   In a quick paragraph you can tell them how you meet their “must have” experience requirements. 

I strongly suggest you skip the boring intro. paragraph and start out with why you are the best candidate.  Recruiters don’t need to know that you are aware the hiring market is tough, or that we are in an age of advanced technology… I’m sure you get my point here.  Start right out by telling them how you will solve a need they have.  Continue Reading