Targeted Job Search

I am a huge advocate of targeting resumes for specific positions.  Generic resumes are gone with the wind.  Targeting is the only way to grab a recruiter/employer and keep them reading — “what’s in if for them” if they decide to bring you in for an interview.  The only problem is with so many options for online resume posting, most of the time you have no idea how to really target, let alone knowing where your resume flies off to.   

So, when I tripped across this site — Resume Spider, I was pleasantly surprised at their focus on targeting’, so that your resume goes where you want and is seen by people who are looking for someone in your profession with your specific experience.  Obviously a huge plus! 

They indicate that they distribute your resume into the hands of decision makers’ and work with many large corporate recruiting systems (i.e., Cisco, eBay, Dell, MasterCard, Verizon, Allstate, Microsoft — just to name a few).  Continue Reading

Vocation Vacations

Think you may want to be an Alpaca Farmer?  How about an Auctioneer?  Perhaps a Chocolatier? (mmmm….)  You’ve got to check out this cool site! 

How many of you would love to be able to try out a new profession without jumping off the deep end to do it (ie; quiting your current career, packing your bags and drawing out all your savings!)  What if you’ve just graduated from college and aren’t sure what in the world you want to devote the better part of your life too — and your parents are driving your c-r-a-z-y to just do something — anything.  (Hey — Mom & Dad, there’s even a gift’ option on this site…hint, hint.)  Continue Reading

Job Interview Blunder

I was having dinner with a group of people and one of them mentioned that they were scheduled for a job interview.  This person is currently working, but like so many of us is looking for something to ignite a new spark.  We were discussing the interview process when I asked what she was going to say when the company asked why she wanted to make a change?  Her response was “I’m just going to tell them that I’m ready for a new adventure”. 

Cough…cough, I nearly choked on my food.  Why?  Because I know, after interviewing thousands of people in my career that that’ is definitely the wrong answer to give a potential employer.  Why?  Because it’s all about you and the employer wants to hear what’s in it for them if they choose you’.  The employer does not care if you’re looking for a new adventure.  In fact, answering any interview question as if it is just casual conversation is like signing your own ‘turn down letter’.  It is extremely important to remember that everything you say in an interview (everything) is used to either exclude you from the running or include you.  You are being measured by every word you say – and in fact, even the tone you use with your words is providing the interviewer with clues as to how you’ll fit into the organization. Continue Reading

Job Interview Planning

I often here people talk about how excited they are to be scheduled for a job interview, especially with a company they’ve been pining after.  But, when I ask how they are planning to handle the interview the response is usually “I’ll just take it as it comes and let things evolve”.  Ouch… this is like screeching your fingernails down a blackboard to me.  Why would anyone expect to land their dream job when they are on cloud nine about their interview?   

People tend to do better planning for a dinner party or camping trip than they do for a job interview.  Really — let’s say you’re going to have a dinner party, you will think ahead about what you’re going to cook, make sure you’ve got all the ingredients (you’re not typically heading out to the store when your guests arrive…right?).  Then you’ll take time to be sure that the table is set, perhaps have some music playing and as a minimum a clean house.  In other words, my point is that there is a lot of thought that goes into ensuring that your dinner party is a success.  So, why is it that people will take almost no time in planning for their job interview?

What should be planned? Continue Reading

Image Crisis – What do employers expect?

In today’s competitive employment world most people are interested in standing out’ from the crowd.  But, think again when it comes to the image you present to your prospective employer.  What are they looking for?  What does their culture support?  Will the image you present blend in — or standout, and which is best?  

The answer is really — both.  Yet, how can you possibly standout and blend at the same time? And what does that mean when it comes to your image’ anyway?  Simple… research!  From the employers point of view the fact that you have taken time to research your fit and taken steps to be sure you blend with the culture is what will help you standout.  So, how do you make this trick happen?    Continue Reading

EMC Corporation — 2 Critical Openings

Passing on another opportunity to you.  No sense it these openings just sitting in my inbox!  If you’re in search mode (or not), maybe ‘you’ will be a great match – or perhaps know someone to pass this onto.

Company: EMC Corporation’s Microsoft Global Solutions Practice

Job Title: Practice Team Lead (one for Infrastructure/one for App Dev) 

Candidates must possess:   Microsoft technologies experience in areas such as: Sharepoint, SQL Server, .Net, Visual Studio, Active Directory, Exchange, MOM, SMS.  

General Summary:
Directs a group of pre/post sales technologists, solution architects, practice consultants and implementation specialists within a specific geographically defined area. Collaborates with a team of professionals to create a full range of technical and business offerings to drive successful processes and projects.   Acts in supervisory capacity for field delivery folks.


CEO – job opportunity

This job opportunity came across my desk today – perhaps you may be interested or know of someone who fits the need.  The information listed below is from the Company Founder and the position is listed on LinkedIn (see bottom of this post for direct link and how to apply).

Company: Socialtext
Job Title: CEO

Description: As a company founder, as I’ve written before, it is inevitable and necessary that your role evolves for the best interest of the company and what you own of it. Today I’m invoking the most powerful inflection point I can for Socialtext. We’ve grown to 3,000 customers, 50 people, the leading brand in the space, an innovative product, solid revenue growth and are targeting profitability. It is time for Socialtext to be taken to the next level, and for that, I want to openly recruit the CEO 2.0 for Socialtext.
The ability to do this search openly is part of the great culture we have
built at Socialtext. I’m going to transition to Chairman & President and
focus on growing the top line with my external facing duties and drive
corporate and product strategy. CEO 2.0 will bring a strong operations background and have a mandate to grow the bottom line. This is a dream job.
The ideal candidate will have prior CEO experience, an Enterprise Software background, Social Software expertise, proven operations management capabilities including managing remote teams and a strong personal reputation.

I’m just starting the search and you can help. We should be able to find the right person within our own strong network, so if you can make a strong recommendation please contact me through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Jobs

View job <http://www.linkedin .com/e/vjb/ 335302/> listing on LinkedIn

Please keep in mind that I do not know anyone at this company directly.  However, I recommend that you check your own LinkedIn network to see who you may know of who either works there or know someone there.  The job is only posted on LinkedIn (see above link).

Posted by Robin Ogden – FiredUP Careers

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1300 Resumes… per day?!

How do you get your resume to stand out from the pack with a company who receives 1300 resumes each day’ and is one of the hottest companies to work for in the world? 

I wish I had the answer that could help your resume jump out, do handstands, curls and walk-the-dog, but if you’re submitting your resume to Google it very well may just get lost in the pack.   So, how can you get to the front of the line at a company like Google, or any other large company that receives hundreds and hundreds of resumes each day?  Continue Reading

Mission… Possible’

Tucked away in my email was a newsletter from Nightingale Conant, a website loaded with personal improvement information (ok, yes…I’m an improvement junkie).  Anyway, there is a quote by Jim Rohn that says: “You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.”  

What rings true to me in his quote is that so often when we want to make a change (whether it is a career or personal change) we just want it now’.  We want to close our eyes, tap our heels together three times and presto — we’ve arrived at our new destination.  Of course, we all know that this can’t truly happen and that is when frustration can overtake us.  Continue Reading

You’ve Got Skills!!

So many people want to make a change in their career and really desire something fresh and new.  But, often they find themselves staring at big, looming wall and written on that wall is…What Else Can You Do?  How Will You Do It?  This is the wall that we approach with a smile and after viewing these questions we sulk away with a frown.  Many of us just don’t know what else we can do and how we will do it — let along where we will find it.  So, how can you begin to tear down that wall and move forward? 

One of the first things is to identify all your skills — current and past — all’ your skills.  Begin making a list.  This will probably be a list that will grow over a short period of time.  If you draw a blank when you begin, don’t worry.  It’s often the same way when you have to give a speech and you forget what you want to talk about.  Once you settle in to the objective then skill memory’ will flow.  Ask yourself a few questions:  Continue Reading