Stuck with Your Job Search?

It doesn’t matter what color your parachute is if you won’t jump out of the plane! 

So, let’s work on that jump!  Usually people who are stuck in making a career decision have found something to hold onto.  They grab on so tightly that their fingers just won’t let go.  Often with job search the quickest thing to grab onto is “the resume excuse”.  How many of you have been working on your resume for… three months?  Six months?  Over a year?  And haven’t sent it out yet?  When someone asks, “How’s your job search going?” Your answer is “It’s going ok.  I’m working on my resume right now.”  It’s a quick and easy answer, but if you’ve been working on your resume for over a month and you haven’t tossed it out into the job market yet then that is a “sign” you are stuck. Continue Reading

Color Wear

Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn — what is your color palette? 

I saw a woman yesterday that had a striking professional presence and I took a moment to appreciate something about what she was doing’, and doing quite well, with her wardrobe.  Continue Reading

Common Job Interview Questions

I came across these interview questions on, and even though this is a site focused on new college grads the answers to these common questions can apply to many of you — even those who have been in the professional work world for a while.  Continue Reading

First Impressions and Interviewing

How to dress for an interview:

It’s true; before you even open your mouth to say a word you’ve already made an impression on the person you are interacting with.  It happens that quickly, in a flash the other person has basically summed you up — did you make the cut? Continue Reading

Video Resume

Great Introduction or Bad 1st Impression? 

One of the newer ways of presenting yourself to employers is the Video Resume and/or Video Interview.  Good idea, but will it help or turn people away?  Oddly enough the answer to that question can be both’. Continue Reading

Your Perfect Career

What type of career best suits your personality type?  Do you like being organized or love to go with the flow? 

Understanding your personality type is a real benefit when deciding what career is best for you.  Continue Reading

Refresh your Resume

John Creaser makes a great point in his article Thinking Outside the Book on Resume Writing’ where he states, “A resume is a tool. It has a specific purpose – to get you into an interview. But, like many other tools, people try to use it for purposes other than intended, like the screwdriver that doubles as a chisel. Continue Reading

Here is a site I came across that will provide you with ‘insider information’ on hundreds of companies.  It’s worth purusing if you’re in the process of checking out prospective employers – Continue Reading