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The need to adapt

Work has become a drag for me. I’ve always loved the fact that I support my family, and pay a home mortgage, simply by writing.

There aren’t many people out there who love their work.

Problem is, I’m not loving the freelance-writing life quite as much these days. It’s the economy, of course, and the fact that it’s killing off my print-magazine clients at a dizzying pace.

These are terrible times for publishers. This means, of course, that it’s a terrible time to be a freelance writer, too.

Last week was a particularly tough one. My strongest print-magazine client, my highest-paying one, too, informed me that they’d be assigning me significantly fewer stories throughout the rest of the year. This was tough to take, and it was partially my fault: I committed one of the top sins of freelance writing. I became too dependant on one particular publisher.

I will survive, though. Yes, this is the toughest writing market I’ve ever faced. But I will get through it.

I’m trying to adapt. I’m writing more online stuff than I’ve ever done before. Most of it doesn’t pay well, but, I have to admit, it sure is easier to write for a blog or a content mill than it is to spend weeks researching, conducting interviews and planning site visits for a story in the Washington Post or Phoenix Magazine.

Adapting is key to today’s working world, and not just for freelance writers. We all have to adapt.

Yes, it’s awful. Yes, it’s not any fun. But … it is necessary.