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Misery loves company: Laid-off workers take to blogging

When something terrible happens to us, it’s human nature to seek out others who’ve experienced the same woes.

No one wants to feel alone, after all.

This holds true with getting laid-off, too. Fortunately — or, rather, unfortunately — it’s not hard to find someone else who’s been fired after you’ve lost your job.

Just search the Internet. Plenty of unemployed folks are blogging about their struggles to find a new job.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an interesting story about this trend. It also highlighted several interesting blogs run by fired workers. For instance, there’s Tryout for Life and Tales from the Recently Laid Off.

Both are interesting reads. And if you, too, have recently lost your job, check them out. They contain some tips for keeping your sanity while hunting for a new job. They also serve as reminders that you’re far from home. And that, sometimes, is the one thing we all need to understand.

Where are all those blogging dollars I was promised?

Remember when blogging first took off? As a freelance writer, I was excited: Here was a whole new market, a whole new way to make money off my writing. I even thought blogging would be largely protected from the struggles that newspapers and magazines are currently suffering.

Turns out I was wrong.

The money you can earn from blogging? Peanuts. So unless you’re using your blog to build your writing skills, set yourself apart as an expert or to promote your own business, there’s not much financial gain in blogging. In fact, it’s getting harder and harder to find blogging networks that operate on a pay-per-post basis. Most are now moving toward paying writers based on page views or a percentage of ad revenue. In fact, two other blogging networks that I had been writing for made such a move, one last year, one just last week.

Here’s a hint: Don’t take such an offer expecting to get rich. Don’t even expect to make enough in a month to buy anything on McDonald’s that’s not on the dollar menu.

For freelance writers, this means that it’s time to get back to the basics. Search out higher-paying print jobs. Those stories are harder. They take more research. You actually have to call people on the telephone or meet with them in person. But they’re far more lucrative.

As for blogging? It’s a great way to stay sharp and to force yourself to write something every day. It’s also a good way to promote yourself or turn yourself into an expert on a given topic. But to supplement your bank account? You’d be better off asking for an application when you order that $1 item at McDonald’s.