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Freelancers, are you even considering asking for more money?

These are tough times. Really tough times. According to news reports, a growing number of employees, if they haven’t been fired, are being forced to take mandatory days off without pay.

It’s all a bit depressing out there in the working world.

But what about those freelancers, those writers, editors or consultants who are the hired guns of the work world? How’s it going for them?

Specifically, are any freelancers out there actually asking for raises from their clients? Say you’re a freelance writer — like I am — are you even considering asking your clients for a bit more from every story?

This is usually a good way to grow your income without having to do more work. But in today’s economy, I have a feeling that most freelance writers, or freelancers of any stripe, aren’t asking for any extra dollars from their existing clients.

It’s a bit unfortunate. I imagine that those freelancers who perform a valuable service might be able to squeeze a bit more out of their existing clients. After all, these clients don’t really want to go out and find replacement freelancers. Who knows if these new workers will do the job at the same level of quality?

This economy, though, has made us workers timid. So here’s my promise: I’ll ask some of my steadier clients for small raises. Most will probably refuse, and point to the economy as the reason why. I understand that. But even if one or two clients do provide me a few extra bucks per assignment, then that makes the asking worthwhile.