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How to keep your job: Don’t be a jerk

No one’s job is safe today. We all know this. But there is one thing that every employee can do to hang onto his or her job for as long as possible: Try not to be a jerk.

This sounds silly, I know. But at the publishing company where I work, my division recently suffered nine firings. Considering we had a fairly small staff before the moves, the loss of nine people is a big deal.

I was talking with one of my fellow survivors, and he mentioned an interesting fact. Most of the people let go had been doing a lot of complaining. And not just recently; They’d been complaining — about their salaries, working conditions, the jobs they were asked to do — for years.

Apparently, it was easier for the higher-ups to let the whiners go first.

This isn’t fair. A lot of the complainers were hard workers. Most of them did their jobs well. They just complained about it.

But while it may not seem just, it is human nature for bosses to cut people they don’t particularly like and keep those whom they do. I wouldn’t be surprised if bosses do this subconsciously.

So keep this in mind the next time you feel like complaining about that last-minute change you’ve been asked to do on that rush job. Keeping your mouth clamped shut now — save the complaining for your spouse or buddies when you get home — may keep you out of the unemployment line.