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Taking on more work. Not taking on more pay

This bad economy is causing employees to make decisions they normally wouldn’t make. I’mseeing more workers, for instance, willing to take on extra assignments without even the hope of some sort of financial bonus.

I’m not criticizing. With the national unemployment rate continuing to rise, it’s natural for workers to do whatever they can to ingratiate themselves with their bosses.

Besides, I’m no position to criticize. I’m taking on additional work at the publishing company where I work. And I’m doing it for free, too.

I’ll soon be the editor of a second monthly magazine at the company. Unfortunately, there will be no additional pay for this work.

Yes, this stinks. And, yes, it does aggravate. But like an increasing number of workers, I can only sigh and accept my fate. I don’t want to be unemployed. Not ever, sure, but certainly not today.

But there is one thing, one slight thing that I’m hanging onto. The economy will recover eventually. The job market will open up one day.

And when it does? Well, I won’t have too many worries about leaving my current employer behind. And I’m sure I’m not alone. Employees remember how they were treated during the bad times. It’s a lesson that employers will soon learn.