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Can you not care about your work and still do a good job?

Some of the stories that I write for trade magazine publishers and online content sites are dull as can be. I’m writing today, for instance, about the latest HVAC technology. Yesterday, I wrote about organic lawn care. I also had to come up with a list of 20 reasons why being a blogger is a good thing.

Coming up with 20 reasons was tough. I even resorted to this one: “By blogging, you can influence the members of your community to act. Perhaps you can make a difference.” Yes, all three of the regular visitors to your blog can help overthrow the corrupt government in Zimbabwe.

It all made me wonder: Is it possible to do a good job in your work if you really don’t care about it?

I suppose it has to be possible, right? It’s hard for me to believe that my father really felt passionate about the work he did for a typesetting company for more than two decades. Yet, I’m sure he did a good job, even if he didn’t spare it a single thought after 5 p.m. or before 9 a.m.

Sometimes we get too wrapped up in our work. We define ourselves by what we do for a living. When really, we should define ourselves by how we live our lives, right?