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Emotions can betray you at work

These are stressful times in the workplace. No one feels secure in their jobs. There’s a gloom hanging over most offices. More workers are being forced to take unpaid days off.

It’s easy, then, to let your emotions get the better of you. Maybe the boss asks you to do one more unpaid job. You’re already swamped. So you snap, and tell your boss exactly what you think of this one extra duty.

That may feel good in the moment. It won’t feel quite as good, though, when you’re searching the classifieds for a new job.

The Wall Street Journal ran an interesting story on the perils of letting your emotions get the better of you at work. The author talks about the days when she would cry at the office, openly. She wisely advises against doing this now. No one, after all, wants to work with a weeper.

It’s natural to be ticked off at work. Who isn’t these days? You may want to feel like crying, too. I know I do whenever a mandatory meeting takes up an entire afternoon.

But keep those emotions bottled up. I know therapists — and, often, spouses — say this is a bad thing. But at work, it can save your job.

The unpaid furlough strikes again

A friend of mine took a job with the city of Chicago late last year. He loves his new job. He likes the people he works with. And he’s thrilled that his commute each morning takes about 15 minutes.

He’s not thrilled, though, that tomorrow, the 4th of July, he’ll be taking his first of many unpaid holidays.

My friend is like many other workers out there: He’s being forced to take unpaid days off — furloughs — to help his employer, in this case, the city of Chicago, balance its books. My friend has to take 15 days off without pay by the end of the year.

He’s of two minds on this: First, he’s glad he has a job when so many others don’t. Secondly, he’s ticked that the rules of his employment have suddenly changed. It’s not his fault, after all, that the city of Chicago can’t manage its money.

He’s not too unusual, I suppose. There are so many people being forced to take unpaid days off now. I know it’s a better alternative than firings or layoffs. But, still, it always seems that the employees get screwed whenver there’s a financial crisis. I guess it’s true what they say: You’ll never make a fortune by working for someone else.