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One positive with a recession: gender doesn’t matter as much

If you’re a man or a woman, the odds are pretty good that you’re suffering these days. That’s because there’s a recession on, and a full-blown recession like this one doesn’t discriminate between men or women: It hurts them all equally.

Does this count as good news? I’m not sure. But it would have been worse, I think, to see that women were suffering more than men during this economic downturn.

But according to a story in the Wall Street Journal, women with MBA degrees are doing no worse than men with the same degrees during this recession.

A study by the research group Catalyst found that men and women were basicall equally likely to be either promoted or laid off during this economic slump.

Again, I’m not sure I’d label this good news. But maybe it is: Maybe a horrid economy has helped erase just a bit more gender bias from the workplace.