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Worried about your job? At least Pres. Obama won’t be firing you, right?

Think Rick Wagoner is happy that Barack Obama won the presidential election last year?

If you haven’t heard, Wagoner, the former chief executive offier of struggling automaker GM, announced his resignation early this morning. He said this move came at the request of the Obama administration. Yes, the president, essentially, fired the man.

You can read the grim news about GM and the other big U.S. automakers at this story by CNN.

As I look around at the office where I work on a full-time/part-time basis, I’m keeping my eye out for Obama. If I see him sneaking around the halls, I’ll have a pretty good idea that my own boss might be getting the ax.

I’m sure you’re worried about your own job. Everyone is today. But at least you don’t have to worry about Obama himself calling for your head.