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More proof that the economy’s in the toilet: Selling hot dogs considered a viable career path

Do you like hot dogs? Are you out of work? Then you may be in luck.

A story in the Wall Street Journal says that a growing number of the unemployed are running their own hot dog carts to make up for their lost incomes.

The operator of a hot-dog-cart business says that sales of all his models are on the upswing. Hot dog carts retail for about $2,000 and up, according to the Wall Street Journal story. This businessman says he’s sold about 25 hot dog carts a week since January. That, he says, is about 15 more a week than usual.

Next time someone tells you that every business is struggling during this recession, point them to the hot-dog-cart industry. I can see it now: a thriving hot dog cart on every block.

I like hot dogs as much as the next guy — maybe even more than the next guy. But this story strikes me as particularly depressing. It’s bad enough that we’re relying on Walgreens now for more of our health-care needs. Now we have to trade in relish, ketchup and mustard to bring in extra income? As if U.S. residents aren’t fat enough already.