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Searching for a career in a field that’s actually growing? There’s a Web site for you

By reading the newspapers, you might think that there isn’t a single career out there that’s actually experiencing growth right now.

After all, the unemployment rate across the nation is soaring. Companies are laying off workers every day. Others are cutting hours and benefits.

But, surprisingly enough, there are some careers that are actually booming — at least a little bit — right now.

If you’re searching for one of these careers, visit Career Voyages, a government Web site devoted to highlighting in-demand jobs.

Yes, I said “in demand.” There really are jobs out there.

The site’s front page, for instance, has stories about the growing IT field in North Dakota. There are also stories about the growing demand for medical and biotech jobs.

The site also allows visitors to click on a wide range of industries to see just how well they are performing. It also lists in-demand occupations within these industries.

Technology is the friend of today’s job seeker. Check out Career Voyages. Who knows what you might learn.