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A mandatory insurance benefits meeting. Not looking forward to this

Everyone at the publishing company at which I works is required to attend a mandatory insurance benefits meeting today. I’m a pessimist, I suppose. Maybe that’s why I have the unsettling feeling that we workers are going to be paying more for our insurance.

I can already hear the pitch: Times are tough. We’re all cutting back. We need everyone to pitch in. We all still have jobs, for that we can be thankful.

It’s all bull, of course. These days, workers are constantly being asked to do more while giving up more. It’s not a workable situation.

I understand that the economy is making life difficult for corporations and small business owners. I do. But I’m getting tired of bearing the brunt of this suffering. I’m sure other workers are, too.

Here’s what I’m dreaming of: the day the economy recovers and companies start hiring again. Then we’ll all get to see companies madly try to keep their employees or attract new ones. It’ll be time for the workers to get a bit of revenge in the form of higher salaries, better benefits and more perks.

The only problem is surviving until we get to that magical time.