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Desperate? Try a LaidOffCamp

If you’ve been out of work for a long time, you undoubtedly need to vent. I understand that. That’s why I think the LaidOffCamp is a neat idea.

The Wall Street Journal ran an interesting story today about these camps, which are held across the country. Basically, they offer the unemployed a chance to network, learn about job-hunting resources and, of course, vent about their situations.

In fact, it may be this last part that’s so important.

Being unemployed can be an awfully lonely life. It helps to once in a while gather with other people who are sharing your same pain and kvetch. There is some real truth in that old phrase about misery loving company.

Visit the LaidOffCamp site and see if there are any popping up near you. Face it, you need to blow off some steam.