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Does anyone ever hear back from craigslist job ads?

Maybe it’s just me. I consider myself to be fairly skilled at what I do. After all, I’ve written for the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, BusinessWeek Online and a host of respected magazines and newspapers.

Yet, whenever I reply to a help-wanted job for writers at craigslist — even when I reply to some of the crappier postings on the site — I receive no response.

It’s like I’m throwing my writing samples and resume’ into a black hole.

I was beginning to think it was just me. I must be doing something wrong, I figured. Then I spoke to a friend in public relations who is looking for a new job. She, too, says that she never gets responses from craigslist. And whenever she puts her own ads on craigslist — looking for work — she only receives generic replies from headhunters or multi-level marketing folks.

I was relieved to find out that it wasn’t just me. But that doesn’t make the craigslist silence any less annoying.

What’s wrong with me, craigslisters? Why do you ignore me so?

Even if you’re out of work, it’s OK to have a good time

This weekend boasted wonderful weather in the Chicago area. That’s a nice bonus, considering that snow and ice storms aren’t that unusual for March here.

Everyone was out. Riding their bikes. Walking their babies. Playing catch. Barbecuing. It was a nice weekend.

I have a friend, though, who’s out of work. He’s been looking, and looking hard, for a job for the last three months or so. He always tells me he has a tough time with days like this.

He wants to ride his bike. He wants to listen to Spring Training baseball on his radio and sip a beer on his front porch. This kind of early Spring-like weather calls for it.

But he feels guilty now that he’s out of work. He should be on the computer, he says, scouring the help-wanted ads. He should be searching for flaws in his resume’. He should be working at the job of looking for work.

That’s a tough one. It’s a natural feeling, I suppose. We need our jobs to enjoy the rest of life, unfortunately. But still, you can’t spend every waking moment looking for work. Sometimes a good bike ride is therapy. Sometimes a Spring Training baseball game offers hope.

It’s OK to enjoy life, even if you are facing the incredible stress of trying to find a job. Remember that. Free yourself from your computer for a bit, maybe a couple of hours, maybe an entire afternoon. You need it.