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Fewer job openings means more unemployment

The number of job openings hit a new low in April. Not surprisingly, this has caused unemployment to jump again, this time by 0.5 percent in May.

You can read the dismal numbers in this story in the Nashville Business Journal. The basics, though, are this: As of the last day of April, there were 2.5 million job openings in the country, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. That’s the lowest number of openings since the Labor Department first started tracking them in 2000.

The number of openings is also a 3.9 percent drop from the end of March, and a 36.2 percent fall from April of 2008.

So you wonder why unemployment can’t seem to fall? This is why. There just aren’t enough jobs available right now. It’s clear, then, that the nation’s recession won’t end until employers finally begin hiring people again.

When’s that going to happen? That’s the big question.

Looking for work? Don’t pay for career help that you can get for free

When people are out of work, they’re a bit panicky. That’s human nature.

Picture yourself without your steady income. Think you wouldn’t get a little dizzy thinking of how, exactly, you’ll be paying that mortgage? I know I’d have my head in the oven. Blogging doesn’t do much to help make a mortgage payment.

These nerves can get the best of even the most level-headed job seeker. There are plenty of entrepreneurs out there who’ll happily charge job hunters plenty of bucks to reshape their resume’s, coach them on job interviews or help them tap into their networks.

But there are plenty of free resources out there for job seekers, resources that will help them keep their suddenly limited amount of dollars.

The Houston Chronicle recently published a good story on these resources. You can read it here. The story, though, cites religious groups, job fairs, government programs and even former employers as good sources to receive free job-hunting help.

It’s hard for people to think clearly when they’re suddently out of work. It’d be a shame, though, for them to skip the freebies that are out there.