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Busy signal: Automated phone system shuts out unemployed

Being out of a job is bad enough. But how frustrating is it when you’re unemployed and you have to deal with government bureaucracy — and failing technology — at the same time?

Pretty dang frustrating, I’d say.

Just ask unemployed workers in New Jersey, who, according to this story, faced just that combination of annoyances yesterday.

In New Jersey, unemployed workers must call into an automated phone system every two weeks and report that they are still looking for a job in order to qualify for their unemployment benefits. Unfortunately, on Monday, that automated phone system went on the fritz, meaning that about 2,000 to 3,000 unemployed workers were not able to be certified for benefits.

Can you imagine the frustration, and, probably, fear, that these workers felt? When you’re out of work, you depend on those unemployment benefits. Without them, how do you survive? I know the New Jersey snafu was just that, a snafu, a temporary glitch. But for a worker trying to claim their benefits it can be something far more: a moment of panic in a life already filled with stress.