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The Internet: Making my life miserable?

I remember when I had hope for the Internet. As a freelance writer, I pictured a whole new world of writing opportunities.

Little did I realize, though, that these opportunities would pay humiliatingly low rates. Just yesterday, I encountered an online “entrepreneur” who wanted to pay me a whopping $5 to write a 1,000-word story for his Web site. What would I do with that $5? Hit McDonald’s? Invest it in Countrywide Home Loans stock?

Thing is, this isn’t unique. The Internet has brought out a whole new generation of con artist and scammer, of course. But it’s also brought out the cheapos, those folks who think they can get something for nothing. Unfortunately, when it comes to writers, these folks are often correct. Many newer writers, or hobby writers, are glad to write for such ridiculous wages.

But what about other industries? Has the Internet helped you find work in your industry? Or has it merely served as a home for people looking to pay you insultingly low rates for a lot of work?