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How far would you travel for a job?

Tim Ryan drives two hours to pretend that he’s a werewolf at a tourist attraction. For this he’s paid a whopping $12 an hour.

But Ryan’s desperate: He’d been laid-off from his construction job, and couldn’t find replacement work. That $12 an hour is better than $0 an hour. So what if the commute is too far to take every weekday. Ryan sleeps in an old, mold-filled cabin that he can stay in for free during the workweek.

You can read about Ryan, and others in his situation, in this Wall Street Journal story. It’s all about the growing number of job seekers traveling impressive distances for jobs that aren’t quite as impressive.

It’s something that we’ll probably see more of. After all, the nation’s unemployment rate, which recently hit 9.4 percent, isn’t going down any time soon.

I’d hate to be in Ryan’s situation. But at least he’s resourceful. That brings up the question: How far would you be willing to travel to find work? How far would you travel if that new job was a mediocre one?

I suppose the answer depends on a number of factors, including how long you’ve been out of work.