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Something about this story really made me nervous

These are uncertain times. No one’s job seems to be truly safe.

But sometimes you just want to forget about that fact. Then you grab the morning paper — in my case, the Chicago Tribune — and you read a front-page story that really gives you the willies.

The story describes how quickly a family can fall from the ranks of the middle class to the poor after its primary breadwinner loses a job.

The Tribune story focuses on the Robbins family. When Patrick Robbins loses his job as a sportswear buyer making $110,000 a year, his family quickly goes from not worrying about money to almost suffocating with financial issues.

There’s something gripping about the story. Maybe it’s the fact that the Robbins family didn’t have that 6-month emergency cushion of savings that financial experts always tell us to have on hand. Thing is, I don’t know many families — if any — that have that kind of cushion built up.

Day-to-day life is expensive, isn’t it? Even if you have a good job, the bills pile up.

Maybe that’s what made me so nervous reading the Tribune’s story. The Robbins family could be my family, very easily. I suspect it could be yours, too.