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Working my way through Branson

I’m no fan of country music. I don’t really like chain restaurants, miniature golf or waterparks, either. Yet here I find myself in Branson, Mo., where you can catch Andy Williams, Tony Orlando (without Dawn, unfortunately) and one of the guys from Paul Revere & the Raiders.

Did I mention that summer in Missouri is like walking through soup?

It’s a family vacation, though, and you really can’t beat it, no matter how cheesy the entertainment. And we’ve met our friends from Dallas, here, too, so it’s doubly fun.

The big problem — besides the heat — is that I have to work throughout my vacation. It’s hard enough to fire up the computer and begin typing away during normal working weeks. But on vacation? That laptop looks like poison ivy. I want to shut it up in my backpack and not give it a glance.

Today’s economy, though, doesn’t allow for that. Maybe two years ago, I’d take a full week off of work. Today, though, with writing assignments harder to come by, I can’t afford to let an entire week go by without any writing. So I’ll dutifully flip open my laptop and get to work.

It’s a drag. But, I admit, it is better than the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum they have here. It seems to be a curse of the Midwest: Every tourist-trap town has a Ripley’s museum.