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Can you really find a job through Twitter?

The WalletPop blog had a fascinating post today about Twitter and its usefulness for people searching for a new job.

I won’t bore you with reciting what the blog says, but I do find it hard to believe that Twitter really can help you find a job. In fact, I find Twitter to be pretty much unhelpful for just about anything.

I know it’s extremely popular. And I do use the service. It’s just that I don’t ever see too many positive business effects from using it. I can’t even seem to use it to drive extra visitors to any of the blogs that I write.

Am I using Twitter incorrectly? Or is Twitter really more of a personal thing and not a business tool?

When is it too late to join the online party?

The companies we work for have a lot to keep up with these days. The Internet has certainly made doing business easier. But it’s also made life even more hectic for company management types.

How do you use Twitter to promote your business? How do you develop a blog, and how do you get people to it? How do you use groups like LinkedIn to create more customers?

You have to admit, it can make your head ache just thinking of the possibilities.

Then there’s the big fear: What if it’s too late to take advantage of all that the Internet and social media have to offer?

The publishing company where I work is having a big meeting this week on social media. An outside expert is coming in to talk about blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, the whole online whirl.

But I wonder: We’re in publishing. Shouldn’t we have already mastered this technology? Are we too late to the online party?

Maybe it’s never too late to boost your online footprint. But I wonder: With all the noise out there already, is it too late for newcomers to the online game?