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What do unemployed people like? There’s a blog with an answer

Back when the recession was first gaining steam, the mainstream media wrote a few stories about the ranks of uemployed people blogging about their experiences. It was a fun story on a rather grim topic.

I visited some of these blogs earlier today and found that many of them hadn’t been updated in months. I hope these folks found jobs. Unfortunately, they’re probably just grew tired of writing about being broke and bored.

There is one unemployment blog, though, that’s still going strong: Stuff Unemployed People Like.

This is a particularly clever blog. For instance, the top post today focused on the dread unemployed people feel when their friends with jobs routinely ask them to give them free rides to work.

Another post addresses the one question that unemployed people hate: “How was your day?”

Go visit the blog. And — hint, hint — there are some AdSense ads on it. Remember, the unemployed need all the help they can get.