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Is it a crime to not really like to work?

I have a relative who loves working. Sure, she complains for as long as you’ll listen about her bosses, her long hours, all the business trips she has to take, etc.., But you can tell, even with all these complaints, that she really, truly loves working.

I, on the other hand, would be quite happy if I never had to work another day in my life. I’d love to read more books, watch more movies, hang out more with my wife and kids … all the good stuff in life.

For a while, it seemed that having a wonderful, brilliant career was the most important thing in a growing number of people’s lives. I constantly ran into people like my relative, people who care more about more their work than they did anything else in their lives. Their careers were who they were.

I wonder if this is changed for many people? After all, companies are firing dedicated, hard-working employees every day in this awful economy. It shows that even the best workers should expect zero loyalty from their employers. It also shows that it’s a bit of a waste to care so much about a career that can ripped away whenever the economy goes sour.

Just a little more bad news: Sprint slashes jobs

It’s a bit depressing I know. When I scroll through the archives of this blog, I stumble upon too many posts about companies slashing jobs.

Well, here’s another one. The USA Today reports that telecommunications giant Sprint is cutting 8,000 jobs. That’s an amazing 15 percent of its workforce.

It’s a tough employment world out there, folks. And now there are thousands of newly unemployed workers fighting for any job they can find.

I remember when the telecommunications industry was the hottest field around. People who had jobs with companies like Sprint were set for life. Two years ago, though, a friend of mine who did work for one the telecommunication giants suddenly lost his job in a round of layoffs. My wife and I, along with our children, were on vacation with him and his wife when the news came over his cell phone.

It made for a depressing end to our trip. It was also an early wake-up call: There are no “safe” industries any more. Anyone can get fired at any time from any job.

Even in the middle of your vacation.

Major cities face big job losses in 2009

I live and work near the city of Chicago. I grew up here, and I love the city. There’s a ton of things to do here, a diverse population and some amazing architecture.

Unfortunately, my hometown is in for some serious hurt in 2009 when it comes to job losses.

And Chicago isn’t alone. Other top cities, such as New York City and Los Angeles, are poised to lose even more jobs in 2009.

This grim news comes from a forecast by the U.S. Conference of Mayors. According to the forecast, only five metropolitan areas in the United States will not see job losses this year. If you live in a metropolitan area you better brace yourself for the very real possibility that you — or at least someone you know — will be out of work at some point this year.

Hardest hit will be New York City, expected to lose 181,000 jobs in 2009. The Los Angeles area will lose about 164,000 jobs, while Miami should lose about 85,000. Chicago comes next with 80,000 expected lost jobs.

Of course, the problem is, there aren’t nearly enough replacement jobs for all these out-of-work employees.

Today, the nation witnessed the swearing-in of new president Barack Obama. He’s received high marks for the work he’s done during the transition period. Let’s hope that he and his administration can help boost our economy and get people back to work.