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The stress before vacation

I’m off on vacation at the end of this week. We’re off to Branson, Mo. I don’t like country music. And I know it’s going to be 90 degrees and swampy all week in Missouri. But still, it’ll be nice to get away. And our kids should have a blast.

But there’s a challenge with taking a vacation, isn’t there? Can you do it without working? I know I can’t. I’ll never finish all my due assignments before I take off on Friday morning. That means I’ll be traveling with my laptop. And after the kids fall off to bed, I’ll be tapping away on blog posts and stories.

Friends of mine who work stable office jobs always tell me that they’re more tired after their vacations then they are during them. That’s because the work furiously the week before they leave to get stuff done. Then, when they return, there’s tons of work piled up on their desks, waiting for them.

It’s not easy these days to take a break from work. So many companies are operating on skeleton staffs, which means that vacationing workers have even more jobs looming for them when they return from Magic Kingdoms or Grand Canyons.

But, hey, we all need a vacation anyway. And when you’re gone, try your hardest to at least cut back significantly on the amount of work you do during your family vacation. Remember, your families need you more than your company does. (And if you lose your job, your family will still be there. Your co-workers and bosses certainly won’t.)